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Conference Rooms

The full equipment and unrivalled comforts of theluxurious conference rooms, along with numerous recreational suggestions, render Limneon Resort &Spa the ideal choice for successful conferences.

LIMNEON RESORT & SPA in more 1000m2 of total conference place, introduce a fresh and dynamicapproach to the planning of upscale meetings, conventions,seminars and incentives events. Kyknos and Oresiada ballrooms at elegance design are divisible into four and two parts respectively. Foyers are ideal for cocktail receptions and product exhibitions.

Costumized banquet packages are available upon request. The conference rooms of the hotel have hosted and are planned to host conferences and events of high requirements and great interest.

The conference venues of LIMNEON RESORT & SPA can be equipped with the most state of the art technologic means.

-_0001_Kyknos conference room
Conference room Kyknos
Can be divised into four parts
Surface 544 m2
Dimensions 32,00 x 17,00 m
Ceiling Height 3,90 m
Theatre 600 persons
Class - Room 450 persons
U-Shape 180 persons
O-shape 190 persons
Banquet 560 persons
Cocktail 650 persons
Buffet 400 persons
-_0000_Orestada conference room
Conference room Orestiada
Can be divised into two parts
Surface 380 m2
Dimensions 11,30 x 28,80 m
Ceiling Height 3,80 m
Theatre 500 persons
Class - Room 250 persons
U-Shape 100 persons
O-shape 110 persons
Banquet 400 persons
Cocktail 500 persons
Buffet 300 persons
CONGRESS – Conference Room Orestiada B & Alexandros
Metting room Orestiada B
Surface 35 m2
Dimensions 4,50 Χ 7,85 m
Ceiling Height 2,6 m
Theatre 30 persons
Class - Room 20 persons
U-Shape 25 persons
O-shape 30 persons
CONGRESS – Conference Room Orestiada B & Alexandros
Metting room Alexandros
Surface 85 m2
Dimensions 7,40 Χ 11,40 m
Ceiling Height 2,50 m
Theatre 64 persons
Class - Room 35 persons
U-Shape 25 persons
O-shape 30 persons
Banquet - persons
Cocktail - persons
Buffet - persons
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