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Walks & Cycling: Walking on the beach, running, cycling under the plane trees and the willow trees are frequent recreational activities. The lake forest is one of the few of its kind, still existing in our country and it comprises of enormous plane trees, poplar trees, willow trees and many climbing plants.

Photography: Kastoria is of special interest to every amateur or professional photographer, offering wonderful photograph themes such as sunrise and sunset, ornaments of the lake, churches and mansions of unique architecture.

Fishing: Angling at the side of the lake is a wonderful experience owing to its natural beauty. There are many kinds of fish in the lake, such as tench, northern pike, Prussian carp, wels catfish etc.

Hunting: In the mountain areas of the prefecture, Vitsi and Grammo, there is a lot of hunting. Hares, wild boars, grouse and quails constitute the usual game.

Rowing – sailing: Apart from exercise, rowing and sailing offer an interesting spectacle since greek as well as international competitions are frequently organized.
If you own a small sailing boat you can discover the city by sailing in the lake waters. You can also ski on the calm waters of the lake.

Canoeing & Kayak: The calm waters of the lake are ideal for canoeing & kayak, the unique view of the city of Kastoria through the water and the sounds of water and birds will calm you. The more adventurous can visit nearby rivers to descend to more rushing waters.

Skiing: If you like skiing, in winter time you can visit the skiing centre of Vitsiou( 30 minutes), of Vigla (50 minutes), of Vasilitsa ( 90 minutes).

Nightlife: Kastoria combines everything… history as well as modern entertainment. You can start with a drink at the bars of the streets by the lake, frequented by young people and continue in the cities allies till the morning.

Local market: Kastoria is known all over the world for its large production of great quality and beauty fur products. You have thus the opportunity of combining your visit to Kastoria with the purchase of furs of unique quality at reasonable prices.

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